Makeup Doesn’t Make You Pretty

I believe most women use makeup as a mask to cover up their true selves.

Keyana McGhee
3 min readAug 18, 2020


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Today we see many women wearing makeup whether they’re going to the store, work, or an event. Why do a lot of women wear to it? Do they wear it to look prettier than they are? Or is it low self-esteem? I think it’s all of the above. I believe women use it as a mask to cover up who they really are. Makeup doesn’t make you any prettier than you already are. Without makeup, I think many women would look so much better with more clear skin; for makeup causes bumps.

The fact is many women wear it because it makes them feel more powerful ready to face anything coming at them. But it shouldn’t have us feeling this way. We are actually better without it. It’s actually bad for us and our self-esteem. We as women feel as if we have to wear makeup wherever we go because we don’t feel complete without it. We want that prettier look. Did you know that makeup can cause you to be treated differently? Here are a few examples to prove that.

1. “When I’m not wearing makeup, I’m not really noticed. But when I have a full face on, old ladies give me dirty looks and men leer.”

Image by Charlotte Green/Quora

2. “When I am not wearing makeup both women and men want to be friends with me. Once I apply cosmetics, girls start feeling jealous, while men try to make indecent offers.”

Image by Emily F. Marsico/Quora

3. “When I am wearing full makeup, I notice that people are very, very nice to me. Men approach me more — even with my husband by my side. With ’no makeup,’ when my brows are invisible, I hardly ever get any compliments at all.”

Image by Shannon Niernberger/Quora

This is what real women stated about their makeup life. And as I see it’s better to just be yourself. Learn how to be natural. Makeup only makes you look worst, not better. Show off your natural and you’ll be amazed.

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